Props and Tutorials

Here you find all my Tutorials and Tipps I made ~

Silent Princess  Flower (Breath of the wild)






My Silent Princess Flower is made out of Wlirba's Black Art and painted with Acrylic paint.









For more check out my making of video~




Zakun Twins (Dual Blades - Monster Hunter 4U)



My Dual Blade were made out of styrofoam, wood, Wobrla's Finest Arts, Profoam and foam.


First i made some patterns for size and hight, cut it out twice on styrofoam, covered the claws with Worbla and make many scales out of Profoam and foam. At least I painted everything with Acrylic paint and wrapped the wood with fabric.

Rathalos Hammer (Monster Hunter 4U)



This Hammer is made out of wood, expand foram, Worbla's Finest Arts, LED's and many foram scales.








here you'll see a Step by Step Story~